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Aging Unit/Meals on Wheels 
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Donate your cans at 400 Chapple Avenue near the Bargain Hut.
Your workplace can collect their cans & donate them also!

Donate your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or old motor home - even if they don't work!
They can still feed people & you get the tax benefits!

Donate to the Aging Unit/Meals on Wheels.

Donate to Faith In Action.

Work with Us!!
Fill out this application & email to:

Currently looking for:
Aging Unit Assistant or Intern
Faith In Action Assistant or Intern
Health Promotion Instructors
 - FREE Training!
Respite Care Provider - FREE Training!

Faith in Action Can Donation Bin
Faith in Action Can Donation Bin
Seniors Volunteering in our Meal Site Kitchen
MOW car donation
Meals on Wheels Green Logo
Child Shoveling for a Senior
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