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Donate Your Vehicle and Turn Your Used Wheels Into Meals
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That old vehicle of yours … the one you’ve been putting off doing something about … You don’t need it anymore. If you’re not sure what to do with it, let The Ashland County Aging Unit, Inc. take it off your hands.

Let's feed our seniors with it!!

We’ll arrange to have it picked up and sold, and we’ll use the proceeds to ensure our local community has what it needs to continue to deliver vital services to our most at-risk Americans.

Go to to give or call 844-411-5768.
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Running or not, your vehicle can mean more meals for seniors when you donate it to The Ashland County Aging Unit, Inc.! We accept all types of vehicle donations like cars, trucks, RVs, and even boats.


Our Vehicle Donation Program makes it easy and takes care of everything from the free pick-up and sale to the paperwork, including sending you a donation receipt for your tax-deductible gift.


Learn more at .

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