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Benefit Specialist

Our benefit specialist is a person trained to help older people who are having a problem with their private or government benefits. Benefit Specialists are often called “Red Tape Cutters” because they are experts at helping older people with the extensive and complicated paperwork that is often required in benefit programs.


They help older persons figure out what benefits they are entitled to and tell them what they must do to receive them. Benefit specialists are continually trained and monitored by attorneys knowledgeable in elderly law.

2021 Program Summary of State Elder and Disability Benefit Specialist Program Data

What you should know before turning 65

Amy's schedule at the meal sites:


Mondays between 9am and noon.

Sanborn, United Methodist Church—the first Monday of every month

Mellen, Senior Center—the second Monday of each month

Butternut, Brookside Housing—the third Monday of each month


Glidden, Senior Center— the fourth Monday of each month

To make an appointment or for more information contact:


Amy (Zepczyk) Janecek, C.S.W.

Ashland County Elderly Benefit Specialist


Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Ashland County Aging Unit, Inc.

400 Chapple Ave. Ste. 100

Ashland, WI  54806

715-682-4414  ext.2 or 1-888-682-7672 ext. 2

Here is a video to help you create your MyMedicare Account

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