Board of Directors

The Ashland County Aging Unit, Inc. Board of Directors is a governing and policy making body consisting of not less than 9 nor more than 15 members, who are appointed by the Ashland County Board of Supervisors. The Board of Directors also contains four committees.  The primary aim of each committee is to enhance and facilitate decision-making.  This is most effectively accomplished when knowledgeable members know their roles and they are able to add their expertise.  Committees will take on the responsibility of performing various tasks to ensure the agency's operations are as effective as possible. 


This committee addresses issues related to personnel and crisis situations.  This committee may act in the name of the Aging Unit if necessary.


This committee reviews and authorizes all monthly financial activities, assists with and develops the annual budget, reviews contracts and insurance bids, and assists with development of the County Plan for Older People.  It is responsible for reporting to and making recommendations for the Board of Directors. 


The Policy/Nominating Committee assists with the development of new policy or revision of current policy and recruitment and nominations of new officers.


This committee assists the Executive Director in developing new programs, helps with writing the County Plan for Older Persons and assists with public relations.