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Caregiver Support

It is OK to Ask For Help -- You Are Not Alone.

No matter what you do, it isn't enough

You feel as if you're the only one in the world caring for a sick relative at home

You don't have a place to be alone or the time to be alone

Family relationships are breaking down because of caregiving pressures

Your caregiving responsibilities are significantly interfering with your work

You feel it is selfish to ever think of yourself or your needs

Your coping methods have become destructive -- you are over-eating or under-eating, abusing drugs or alcohol, becoming withdrawn, etc.

There are no more happy times.  Loving and caring turn to exhaustion and resentment


Family members play an important role in providing care to older people. A variety of services can be provided for family members taking care of an older person including information, assistance and case management to name a few.

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